Thanksgiving Schedule

The Rich-Tomkins team is ready to celebrate Thanksgiving!

So team members may partake in their favorite things, Rich-Tomkins will be closed on Thursday, Nov. 24 and Friday, Nov. 25. We will resume normal business hours on Monday, Nov. 28.

Check out the some of the team’s favorite foods and Thanksgiving traditions below. It is safe to say we have a serious stuffing addiction! Share your favorite foods and traditions with us on our Facebook page!

Dawn Bishop
Favorite Food: Mom’s dressing, NOT stuffing!
Favorite Tradition: Traveling to see family.

Jeanne Chaffee
Favorite Food: Mashed potatoes
Favorite Tradition: Being at the farm.

Dale Holloway
Favorite Food: Stuffing & mashed potatoes with butter
Favorite Tradition: Enjoying a day off of work with my family

Alan Kershaw
“I can answer these questions with two words: bacon & sausage!”

Bill Bradshaw:
Favorite Food: Stuffing
Favorite Tradition: Play and watch football

Paul Grothaus
Favorite Food: Sausage stuffing
Favorite Tradition: Watching football

Bill Brown
Favorite Food: Stuffing balls
Favorite Tradition: Getting together with family, eating, and watching football

Rollie Pastor
Favorite Food: Deep fried turkey
Favorite Tradition: Dallas Cowboys football and turkey with the family

Gary Brake
Favorite Food: Cranberry sauce- if you make your own, substitute honey for sugar and orange juice for water.
Favorite Tradition: Getting up on Thanksgiving morning and going out with the family for pumpkin pancakes.

Bill Durkin
Favorite Food: Stuffing
Favorite Tradition: Cooking Thanksgiving dinner with my daughter

Stew Chaffee
Favorite Food: All the aromas coming out of the kitchen filling the house and STUFFING seeped in gravy, throw in some dark meat, some mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables and pumpkin pie!!
Favorite Tradition: Being up on the farm on Thanksgiving, been doing it since 1966.

Joe Opalka
Favorite Food: Stuffing, mashed potatoes, dark meat. Then the cold leftover sandwiches for the next week.
Favorite Tradition: Spending time with family and neighbors at Mom and Dad’s house.

Mike Gehris:
Favorite Food: White meat turkey with heavy gravy, mashed potatoes and Stove Top stuffing.
Favorite Tradition: Seeing Santa come in during the Thanksgiving Day Parade and rushing to my aunt’s house to beat everyone there so I can grab a seat on the couch for football.

Sarah Waple
Favorite Food: Homemade pumpkin pie with whipped cream
Favorite Tradition: Turning on the Christmas light display at our house for the first time after Thanksgiving dinner.