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Monthly Archives: March, 2017

  1. Pavani & Kirsi From Newport Brass

                  Newport Brass added two new styles to their already wide variety of fixtures! These two styles, the Kirsi and Pavani, both bring designs that are perfect for the modern customer looking for a contemporary aesthetic. The two collections are constructed with solid brass and are offered in 28…

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  2. Congratulations Carol!

    What some might not know is Rich-Tomkins on occasion presents the “Award of Excellence from Rich-Tomkins Company”. This isn’t something that happens every year or on a given year, but more on an as it is merits basis. This year when the topic of the award was brought up there was a unanimous vote. This…

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  3. CLOSED 3/14

    ***UPDATE*** Rich-Tomkins Company is open 8-5 Wednesday, March 15.   *** UPDATE**** Rich-Tomkins Company is CLOSED Tuesday, March 14.   We want to touch base about the potential for winter weather tomorrow, Tuesday, March 14 and Wednesday, March 15. Rich-Tomkins is committed to serving all customers the best we can. We want to give advanced…

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  4. It Doesn’t All Have To Go Down The Drain

    Water and soap are designed to go down the drain. Leftover food, flatware, jewelry and who knows what else are not supposed to go down the drain. Jomar’s extensive line of basket strainers and sink strainers are here to help keep those drains flowing. Select the right type of strainer for your sink and application…

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