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Monthly Archives: October, 2016

  1. No Treat Here!

    No, this photo isn’t a marketing photo provided by Jones Stephens. This photo is what happens when three of the four bathrooms at Rich-Tomkins have Jones Stephen EZ Close seats and one does not. Enter a new cleaning service at Rich-Tomkins. This fantastic service cleaned three bathrooms- all had Jones Stephens EZ Close seats. They were…

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  2. BrassCraft: This is Our Craft

    BrassCraft has released a new video called This is Our Craft and it’s pretty great. Check it out below! Feel free to use the video at counters and on websites to promote your use of BrassCraft and their American Ingenuity. Learn more about BrassCraft by visiting www.brasscraft.com.

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  3. ASPE 2016 Convention & Expo

    The 2016 ASPE (American Society for Plumbing Engineers) Convention & Expo is scheduled for Oct. 28-Nov. 2 in Phoenix, Arizona and many of the manufacturers Rich-Tomkins Company proudly represents will be in attendance! If you are headed to the ASPE Convention & Expo be sure to keep an eye out for Rich-Tomkins’ own Dawn Bishop, a Philadelphia…

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  4. Emergency Shut Off No More!

    Any building owner or tenant knows one of the worst notices to receive and give is the dreaded “Water Shut Off Notice.” What makes it even worse is when those notices include a seven to eight hour time frame for shut off.

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