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Monthly Archives: October, 2015

  1. Uponor Adds Large Diameter PEX

    Uponor has opened up the door to fans of PEX to use even more PEX in commercial plumbing and hydronic piping applications.

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  2. Gobble, Gobble

    The Rich-Tomkins team hopes you have a fantastic Thanksgiving with friends and family, even the ones you might not like so much.

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  3. October is Shower Better Month!

    The Environmental Protection Agency has tabbed October as “Shower Better Month” and we at Rich-Tomkins know how to help you shower better.

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  4. Welcome Jomar!

    We are pleased to welcome Jomar Group to our portfolio. Jomar Valve manufactures a broad range of valves. Their high quality and innovative product range supports plumbing and heating, industrial, HVAC and gas applications across North America. Jomar offers lead free and standard brass, carbon and stainless steel, cast and ductile iron valves: all certified to…

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  5. Bubbles are For Kids

    Next time you are checking for gas leaks, leave  the bubbles to the kids!

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  6. Exact Measurements Not Needed

    Watco has made installing bath wastes a simple task. With the Slip ‘N Solder® brass bath waste you don’t need exact measurements- just adjust the brass pipes once in place and solder them like any other normal plumbing job.

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  7. Water Heater Season Is Here!

    The team at Rich-Tomkins hopes all of the plumbers and service techs out there were able to take off plenty of time this summer as we all know what happens as soon as the weather starts to cool off…our industry gets busy. If you find yourself in need of a residential or commercial water heater,…

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