The Brute MagnaTech

A Perfect Balance of Size, Form, and Function

product_brute_magnatech_magtechEvery commercial heating system is unique and requires a boiler that can adapt and respond to system fluctuations, while maintaining the energy conservation standards important to today’s building owners. Such a boiler now exists in the innovative Bradford White Brute MagnaTech™.

The Brute MagnaTech™ offers MBTU/Hr. output of 1,999-4,000, variable speed pump control, a small footprint for tight spaces and up to 100 feet of venting.

Rich-Tomkins Company is proud to be one of a limited number of Bradford White reps who are able to offer the MagnaTech™ boilers. Talk to your Rich-Tomkins rep for more information today!


Brute MagnaTech Brochure