Jones Stephens

Rich-Tomkins Inside Rep: Cory Bradshaw
Phone: 610-859-6065

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About Jones Stephens:

Jones Stephens is a premier manufacturer of rough plumbing products with a strong brand built on providing 30 years of innovation for professional contractors. Known for delivering high-quality, reliable products and world-class service, Jones Stephens provides the broadest selection of plumbing products from repair and installation products, to tools and leading-edge innovations.

PEXALGAS™ Gas Piping System

The Jones Stephens PEXALGAS™ is an innovative, multilayer solution that combines polyethylene and aluminum to form a smooth PEX-AL-PEX solution that accelerates and simplifies gas piping installations. PEXALGAS™ is certified to International Fuel and Gas Code, International Residential Code and Uniform Plumbing Code and meets ASTM and AS standards.