New from Watco! IdealLav

ideallav2Watco has announced the release of a new product to the market- the IdealLav.

This new lav drain from Watco has many features that all users can benefit from.

For our plumbers, this new lav is a one-piece install! No more threading a top and bottom drain together. Quicker install time due to the easy installation will help you be in and out of a home or business quickly.

For homeowners, the internal stopper sits inside the drain and this allows for a grid strainer on top. No more dropped earrings or medication down the sink.

Property owners will also find the benefit of the grid strainer. Hair and debris can be kept out of the drain and plumbing system. If the grid strainer is damaged, just that part can be replaced.

Check out all features and benefits via the video and links:

IdealLav Spec Sheet

IdealLav Sell Sheet

Sell Sheet