Are You Using Vitra?

Rich-Tomkins has represented Vitra for a number of years now and we want to make sure you know all about it.

A leader in the industry, VitrA supplies more than five million pieces of sanitaryware annually to more than75 countries around the world. Headquartered in Istanbul, VitrA is respectful of the millennia old Anatolian tradition of ceramic production and fully committed to protecting our future through sustainable practices in production and sourcing of raw materials; to create products that protect the environment while sacrificing nothing in performance.

VitrA is for trade only, not sold in retail, and has offerings to meet any commercial, residential, ADA or showroom needs.

One great model for those ADA required installations is the Atlantis ADA-height 5052 (bowl only). This toilet has an elongated bowl, is stocked at Rich-Tomkins. Like all Vitra toilets, the 5052 has a larger, 2 1/8”, glazed trapway.  The tank and lid are fired together to ensure a snug fit and has special surface grinding for improved balance and stability.

Rich-Tomkins stocks the Atlantis 5052 toilet, corresponding tank and plenty of other Vitra products. Review the Warehouse Catalog for a full list of Vitra offerings.