Delta Touch2O & Southern Living

Picture a beautiful sunny summer day with the grill freshly fired up and you’ve just seasoned your protein of choice, maybe dry-rubbed chicken or wonderfully flavored burgers, and as you finish up getting them ready to put on the grill you walk to the sink to wash your meat covered hands.

Do you go for the ever-clever elbow maneuver to get that water on? Or maybe try to use the back of your hand and hope not to touch anything else with the meat covered portion of your appendage?

There is an easy solution to avoiding contaminating the kitchen and The South’s Most Trusted Kitchen, the Southern Living Test Kitchen, and its Test Kitchen Professionals recognized this and made Delta® and its Touch2O® technology the Official Faucet of the Southern Living Test Kitchen.

With all of the titles that were just rattled off it may seem like the test kitchen is a big, fancy and professional space, but it isn’t. Southern Living designs the test kitchens it uses to mirror appliances and even pantry items found in every-day family homes across the country.

Southern Living Test Kitchen Professionals test over 3,000 recipes per year and wash their hands, on average, 20 times per recipe. That is about 164 hand washes per day!

The good thing is Delta Touch2O® faucets run on batteries and have life span of anywhere from two to three years depending on usage. There is no need to worry about hiring an electrician and a plumber to come in and install a new Touch2O faucet. Touch2O faucets install just like any other kitchen faucet but have a wire to connect into the batteries.

With Touch2O faucets starting at a reasonable $400, batteries included, and many different styles and finishes available, Touch2O technology can complement or standout in any American kitchen.

Check out the Delta Southern Living playlist below and see some examples of how Touch2O can assist in making you a kitchen virtuoso.