Uponor Adds Large Diameter PEX

Uponor has opened up the door to fans of PEX to use even more PEX in commercial plumbing and hydronic piping applications.

How have they done this? With the new innovation of 2 1/2-inch and 3-inch PEX pipe. These new sizes are the first of their kind, anywhere in the world.Uponor_2-in_to_3-in_EPFittCplg_99666
So what exactly does that mean for our customers and for the PEX industry as a whole? It means now even more designers and installers can specify and build with PEX for commercial plumbing and hydronic piping applications. And our customers can have the confidence to try this new offering based on our long-running track record of performance with Uponor PEX and the ProPEX fitting technology. This system has been proven (for more than 40 years) to provide reliability, durability and high-quality performance, so engineers can have confidence designing with Uponor systems and contractors can have confidence installing them.

Want to learn more about the new offering? Contact Rich-Tomkins to get the conversation started.