Storm Drain Season

StormDrain Plus - Water Management Systems by Fernco

The ushering in of the Spring season can mean so many things. Enjoying freshly bloomed flowers, listening to chirping birds and bugs coming out at night. We also can enjoy the re-opening of Rita’s Water Ice, but there is one thing that we might not be so happy to welcome back. Rain. Lots of Rain. 

We all logically know rain is a good thing, but sometimes it can be a pain to deal with. Even after the rain stops, we can be left with standing rain water. So what to do?

Install the easy-to-use StormDrain Plus from Fernco that’s what.

StormDrain Plus is great for thresholds from driveways to garages, along patios and sidewalks and even around pools.

StormDrain Plus - Applications

Grates are ADA approved and have small opens to allow water in, but keep heels from falling through.

StormDrain Plus makes it easy to direct run-off water to where you want it to go. Take care of standing and running water now before it erodes landscaping or creates damage on your property.

Rich-Tomkins is pleased to stock StormDrain products in Aston, Pa.