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The IdealLav ™ drain from Watco is the only lav (sink) drain to include a grid strainer AND a stopper. The removable grid strainer is installed with an O-ring and is easily replaceable without removing the lav drain. The replaceable grid keeps the drain looking great and prevents hair and jewelry from entering the drain. The IdealLav ™ also features an internal stopper that seats below the grid strainer and holds water overnight. Available in plastic or brass, the IdealLav ™ fits standard sinks with overflows and is ideal for new installations or replacements. Also available in a commercial version (no stopper) for public restrooms.

QuickTrim® from Watco Manufacturing Company makes it easy to upgrade your bathtub drain to a special finish in minutes without removing the strainer body. Rough-in with chrome; the QuickTrim strainer body cover installs over the existing strainer body with an O-ring. Screw in the stopper and snap on the Innovator overflow plate. Available in 12 finishes, QuickTrim makes it easy for bathtub trim to match bathroom fixtures.

The 901N Innovator Drain from Watco features an integrated strainer body/drain elbow resulting in easier installation and fewer joints which means fewer leaks. The drain is available in high gloss white for less than the cost of chrome. It is available in corrosion resistant ABS or PVC; the ABS drain elbow is white. The Innovator Drain features removable/replaceable crossbars which makes the drain easy to clean and maintain. The overflow and drain come standard with test membranes (testable up to five floors). This bathtub drain offers easy, one-person installation and great design at an affordable price.