No Treat Here!

No, this photo isn’t a marketing photo provided by Jones Stephens. This photo is what happens when three of the four bathrooms at Rich-Tomkins have Jones Stephen EZ Close seats and one does not.

Enter a new cleaning service at Rich-Tomkins. This fantastic service cleaned three bathrooms- all had Jones Stephens EZ Close seats. They were able to clean the toilets and seats and tap them to close.

broken-seatThey moved to the fourth and imagine how surprised they were to find out this seat, pictured to the left, was not an EZ Close seat. The seat cracked and luckily did not damage the bowl.

Jones Stephens offers a wide range of EZ Close seats in residential offerings and even a commercial model with EZ Close.

Don’t let this happen to you! Or your customers. Be sure to share with them the genius of EZ close seats.