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A Journey of Discovery
In 1996, Naomi Neilson founded Native Trails. Using her passion for artisan tradition, sustainability, and fair trade practices to bring the work of undiscovered artisans from central Mexico first to central California and then on to living spaces throughout North America. Combining the artisans’ age-old traditions with contemporary design and sustainable materials, Naomi broke new ground with Native Trails iconic copper sinks and helped to introduce copper as a mainstay material for the kitchen and bath.

Going Global
Naomi and her team continue to find new trails to be forged, researching new offerings and traveling throughout the world, searching out undiscovered artisans who can bring life to Native Trails’ innovative designs. Native Trails has expanded far beyond copper sinks; its artisan-made product lines have grown to include groundbreaking NativeStone® concrete sinks, vanities made of reclaimed wood, bathtubs, furniture, a range of home decor products, and now spun-glass Italian sinks.

Leading the Industry
Soon after introducing its first copper basin, it became Native Trails’ core product. Native Trails was the first company to have its copper sinks certified by the UPC and listed by IAPMO, where it assisted in writing the copper basin standards. The Decorative Plumbing & Hardware Association (DPHA) took notice of the company’s fast rise and solid accomplishments by naming Native Trails CEO Naomi Neilson the Manufacturing Professional of the Year in 2005. As a Certified B Corporation since 2019, Native Trails is proud to join others in using business as a force for good. Today, Native Trails leads the industry in artisan crafted, eco-conscious furnishings and fixtures for high end kitchen and bath design, and is featured in premier showrooms throughout the United States and Canada.

Featured Product:

The island of Murano, just off the coast of Venice, Italy, is famous for its celebrated artisan glass producers, each with their own family traditions. The colors and patterns are created in the molding and spinning process, and each glass vessel sink is expertly hand-formed, giving each piece its own personality as an irreplaceable work of functional art.

The Murano Collection consists of five Design Series that incorporate colors and patterns inspired by views of the Italian coastline. Learn More About Native Trails Murano Collection