How To: Bradford White Website

Bradford White has created a very easy to use tool that you have access to all the time: their website,

Here are a few Quick Tips on how to find answers to your questions!

Product Sizing Guide:
This application is in the box on the right hand side of the website. You can enter all of the information you know about a project and find the product Bradford White recommends using. Sizing is available for commercial, residential and tankless projects.

Cross-Reference Guide:
This application allows you to cross any competitor’s heater to a Bradford White unit. Simply select the other manufacturer and the model number and out pops the Bradford White cross, or most closely matched water heater.

Service Bulletins and Troubleshooting:
Many of your questions about products, smells, milky/cloudy water, noises and the like can be answered by checking out the service bulletins or troubleshooting pages. Troubleshooting are quick steps to run through depending on your call and service bulletins have solutions and step-by-step instructions on how to tackle the issues you are seeing in the field.

Bradford White offers many great printed materials to support both the wholesaler and the contractor. The items are professionally created and printed. To order materials talk to your Rich-Tomkins rep or email