Congratulations Carol!

What some might not know is Rich-Tomkins on occasion presents the “Award of Excellence from Rich-Tomkins Company”. This isn’t something that happens every year or on a given year, but more on an as it is merits basis.

This year when the topic of the award was brought up there was a unanimous vote. This one person rose to the top of the team’s list instantly.

Congratulations are in order for Carol Bachert from Jones Stephens!

Bachert is the inside sales expert at Jones Stephens for Rich-Tomkins Company. She works tirelessly to assist the team in placing orders, expediting orders to leave the warehouse, tracking market trends and serving as the go-between for RT and JS sales teams.

When the RT team was polled as to why they wanted Bachert to win this award all of their answers came back the same. The overall sentiment about Carol is:

  • Carol is always extremely responsive. There is no delay when reaching out to her for help and finding the answers we need to do our jobs in the field. Phone call or email, she is always on top of her game.
  • Carol is always going above and beyond for us. She always tries to get us anything and everything we need. While we have not had a regional in place, Carol has served in that role and aren’t even sure if she was asked to! Even more, she has the great way of being two steps ahead on most projects and calls. That is extremely helpful to us.
  • The best part about Carol is per friendly personality. When you get off the phone with Carol you are in a better mood than when you started.

Congratulations, Carol!