Bradford White’s Certified Green Products™

We are pleased to announce that the Green Restaurant Association has recognized the Infiniti® GS + GR in addition to select models of the eF Series® as Certified Green Products™.

These commercial products meet the Green Restaurant Association’s product certification standards for water heaters. The Green Restaurant Association’s standards provide a transparent way to measure a restaurant’s environmental accomplishments. 

The models listed below are all recognized as Certified Green Products™ and can help a restaurant reach Certified Green Restaurant® status: 

  • EF-60T-125E-3N(A)
  • EF-100T-150E-3N(A)
  • EF-100T-199E-3N(A)
  • EF-100T-250E-3N(A)
  • RTGR199X1
  • RTGR199N1
  • RTGS199X
  • RTGS199X1

Below we’ve provided Q&A’s regarding the Green Restaurant Association + Certified Green Products™: 

1 – Who is the Green Restaurant Association (GRA)?

An international non-profit focused on helping restaurants go green since 1990. The GRA is the largest database of green solutions in the restaurant industry. 

2 – What qualifies as a Certified Green Product™?

A Certified Green Product™ is any product that meets the Green Restaurant Association’s product certification standards for water heaters. 

Each Certified Green Product™ has a set number of GreenPoints™ assigned to it based on its ability to meet the certification standards set by the GRA. GreenPoints™ must be earned in order to reach one of the four Green Restaurant Certification levels. To view the GreenPoints™ associated with Bradford White’s models, view here. 

3 – Why Become a Certified Green Restaurant®?

Certified Green Restaurants® benefit from increased employee engagement, positive environmental impact, cost reductions and greater savings.

To learn more about Bradford White’s commitment to Certified Green Products CLICK HERE to read the article in the ASPE Pipeline