Emergency Shut Off No More!

a35be42a3fb2b19e3af1ad899b636beeAny building owner or tenant knows one of the worst notices to receive and give is the dreaded “Water Shut Off Notice.” What makes it even worse is when those notices include a seven to eight hour time frame for shut off.

So avoid being that guy on site- the guy that walks around with tools and everyone knows is the one shutting the water off.

Be the guy that can fix a broken pipe or faulty valve without having to shut the entire building’s water off.


What if shutting the water off isn’t simply an inconvenience, but is more about safety? Hospitals and schools need to have access to water. Using a Jomar Add-A-Valve can keep them up and running, safely.
aavunboxedwith-floorJomar Add-A-Valves are available for copper pipes sized 1/2″ to 2″ and are available locally for pick up at Rich-Tomkins Company. You will still need to order the Add-A-Valve from your wholesaler, but you can pick up in Aston, Pa. for those crisis situations.Or start stocking the Add-A-Valve at your shop so you are ready to save the day!

If you need more information about the Jomar Add-A-Valve please talk to your favorite Rich-Tomkins rep or local plumbing wholesale counter for more information.