Watco Saves You Time

If you are reading this as a plumber/contractor or a plumbing supply house employee it is important to remember one thing: Watco will save you time.

Watco has innovative products, some detailed below, that will save you time on installation and call backs. If they are needed quickly and the supply house doesn’t have one in stock, know that Watco ships 99% of all orders complete in only two working days!

WatcoFlex products help stop you from doing these types of tub waste installs:

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Watco Flex





WatcoFlex products are made of a flexible tubing that can be bent and shaped to compensate for misalignment and tight spaces. There are different models of Watco Flex- those made for residential use, those that come with Innovator drains already part of piece, or those made for  high-volume, multi-family projects. What looks easier to install?

Trim Kits

Watco offers two type of trim kits- Universal NuFits and QuickTrim Kits. Both are quick and easy to use and come with the parts you need to compete your job. Homeowners will love the upgrade and why wouldn’t they!
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Other Products

Need to save time while installing tubular brass bath wastes? Try the Slip ‘N Solder models. Need to be able to pressure test a new system? Watco will save you time as Innovator kits, half kits and full, come from the factory with a overflow test membrane installed.

Learn more about the products mentioned here, and plenty of others, on www.watcomfg.com. You can also talk to your Rich-Tomkins Rep or knowledgeable staff at your favorite supply house.