Five Year Peace of Mind

Before starting at Rich-Tomkins Company I always thought the seasons of the year were broken up into spring, summer, fall and winter.  Now, I have learned that the seasons are just as easily divided up into completely different kinds of seasons.  I find myself identifying with water heater season, storm drain season, show season and what I’m talking about today, […]

All it Takes is a Touch

It’s been over 10 years since Delta Faucet Company introduced touch technology into the market and if you haven’t looked at Touch20® faucets in a little while, you will be happy to see new technological developments and even more offerings of products with Touch20 ® and Touch20.xt™ Technologies.

Delta Touch2O & Southern Living

Picture a beautiful sunny summer day with the grill freshly fired up and you’ve just seasoned your protein of choice, maybe dry-rubbed chicken or wonderfully flavored burgers, and as you finish up getting them ready to put on the grill you walk to the sink to wash your meat covered hands.