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A global pioneer in intelligent plumbing and climate solutions, Uponor has proudly led the industry forward for a century, while enriching the lives of millions throughout the world. Our trusted products and project-spanning partnerships build strong businesses while moving water where it needs to go, effortlessly and flawlessly. We’re making a difference in the defining issues of our time: conserving water and energy, supporting the future of skilled labor, and creating healthier places to live and work.

Featured Product:

Uponor is the leader in PEX tubing for plumbing, fire sprinkler, radiant heating/ cooling, hydronic piping and pre-insulated piping. More than 15 billion feet of Uponor PEX tubing is in service around the world. With that kind of history, you can count on Uponor PEX to offer the highest-quality tubing for all your application needs.
PEX tubing offers the tightest bend radius of any plumbing product on the market-as little as 3½” for½” tubing. This eliminates the need for fittings and connections with each change of direction, and fewer fittings reduce your liability for leaks and problems.
The re-pipe business has never been better with all the pinhole leaks in copper caused by harsh-water conditions. Because PEX resists the damaging effects of harsh-water conditions, it is usually the top choice for re-pipe jobs.
Reduced liability
In addition to fewer fittings for reduced liability, PEX tubing cannot be dry-fit,* eliminating concerns that a connection is made.
(*When using cold-expansion use ASTM F1960 fittings.)
Resists freeze damage
Because PEX tubing can expand and contract, it is less susceptible to freeze damage compared to rigid copper pipe.
A 2008 life cycle study showed PEX requires less energy to produce and has an overall lower carbon footprint compared to copper.
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