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LeakSmart Smart Home System
Flow Meter Shut-off Valve System User Manual


A legacy of 85 years protecting American homes. LeakSmart’s story begins with Waxman Industries, which has been one of the world’s most trusted providers of bathroom and kitchen hardware products and accessories for nearly 85 years. You may not have heard of Waxman before, but you’ve certainly used one of their products. Having successfully delivered millions of plumbing products to American homes, Waxman charged the company’s cutting-edge research and development team to take leak detection to the next level and founded LeakSmart. Today, LeakSmart protects your whole house from unexpected water damage. And that’s just the beginning of our new mission.

Featured Product:
The LeakSmart Water Sensor alarm protects your most high-risk areas, including washing machines, water heaters, bathrooms, and HVAC units. The sensors signal your LeakSmart system to shut off your water within 5 seconds or less, and sends you notifications.

Key Features:
A waterproof leak sensor that detects leaks and monitors temperature
Signals your LeakSmart system to automatically shut off your water the moment water or a water leak is detected
Triggers an audible alarm, flashes blue, and communicates with your Hub, sending you instant notifications via email, text, and push notifications
Can be configured to detect mode (to notify)
Can be configured to protect mode (to notify and shut off valve)
Sensors are waterproof and fit into tight spaces without shifting or sliding