Happy New Year From Rich-Tomkins!

The team at Rich-Tomkins wants to wish you a Happy New Year! There are plenty of business goals set for 2016, but we thought it would be fun to share our personal resolutions.

Let’s say you should be seeing a lot less of Rich-Tomkins in 2016 because exercising, dropping pounds and eating healthy have topped our lists of resolutions.

Help keep the Rich-Tomkins team on track in 2016 and if you want, we can help you do the same!

Paul Grothaus
Better Time Management
Diet and exercise more

Stew Chaffee
“The obvious, eat better, no complex carbs or hard liquor until target weight is hit. Health is everything , time to get serious about it this year.”

Gary Brake
Laugh & Love life more
Eat more Sweetbox Cupcakes

Ethan Musselman
No phone in the bedroom or at the gym
Stop forgetting trash day

Rollie Pastor
Eat healthier (Have you seen the desserts his wife makes?? Good luck)
Start an exercise regime or start yoga

Jeanne Chaffee
Plan time to do nothing or, close to nothing
Read more educational, inspirational and motivational pieces

Bill Bradshaw
Finding better balance
Eliminating worry and guilt, they are useless emotions to have

Ed Fiorella
To be a better customer service rep
To not stress over the small stuff

Bill Brown
To work out and run a lot to become freakishly cartoon-ripped
To use less paper

Alan Kershaw
To eat as much bacon & sausage as possible
To lose weight

Sarah Waple
To be healthier: more exercise and better food choice
To be a better and more attentive mom

Vince Angelnoi
Eat healthier
Pack lunch and save money

Jim Stout
Gain weight with better eating habits and exercise more
Pick up a new hobby

Joe Opalka
Drop some weight
Grow Wade Drains line

Dale Holloway
Continue eating sweets
Make more toys for the grandkids

Alan Cohen
Spend more time at the beach
Live healthier