Bubbles are For Kids

Next time you are checking for gas leaks, leave  the bubbles to the kids!

doc_219We know that using dish soap to check gas connections for leaks is rather common, but did you know that certain types of soap can be corrosive to the gas lines and fittings? Statistics show that corrosion may cause as much as 30% of all known gas leaks.

Gastite even recommends steering clear of a liquid test solution as the products can contaminate their ball check mechanism or plug the breathing hole and cause erratic regulator operation.

There is a very easy solution to avoid using the soap and bubbles method- try theBrassCraft® Portable Gas Leak Detector. This inexpensive and re-usable gas leak detector operates with a simple push of a button.


Check out the “How-To” video on BrassCraft.com for a quick video on how it works, as well as other product details.   And ask for the BrassCraft Portable Gas Leak Detector at your favorite wholesaler next time you are in.